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Learn that guitar now!
here are some tools to lead you to success!

This is a step by step beginning method book covering important concepts from both a pick style and fingerstyle approach.  Mastery of the topics in this book will give you the foundation you need to confidently move forward in the world of guitar playing. 

This book comes with 80 mp3 practice tracks to play along with as you practice AND access to 25 instructional videos to show you exactly how to master that guitar!

Some of the things you will learn in this book include:

-Technique (right and left hand position, sitting position, tension release, etc,)
-Rhythm (whole, half, quarter, dotted quarter, dotted half, and eighth notes)
-Staff reading (tablature, time signatures, measures, repeat signs, etc.)
-Standard notation staff/notes in treble clef
-Basic understanding of intervals by playing melodies on one string
-Learning melodies by ear
-All important basic chords
-Awareness of prevalent guitar styles
-First position
-Scales (G7, G major, A natural minor, C major)
-Music Alphabet
-Alternating picking and strumming
-Basic understanding/application of fingerstyle technique