Austin’s original compositions


Austin’s Arrangements (popular and other styles)


Background Music for Events

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Classical and Flamenco Guitar

The third movement (Fuoco) from Roland Dyen's Libra Sonatine. Can also be found on Austin's CD "Too Much Information."

Siroko is a selection from 6 Balkan Miniatures by Dusan Bogdanavic

Leyenda by Isaac Albeniz

"Vranjanka" from 6 Balkan Miniatures by Dusan Bogdanovic.

Austin and his band perform a flamenco medley that includes a bulerias inspired by Gerhard-Graf Martinez and Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings.

"Roma" by Vicente Amigo performed with Austin's wife Kassie at a Flamenco del Lago concert in Salt Lake City, UT.

Buleria exercise

En Las Cuevas (farruca) by Paco Pena performed at a Flamenco del Lago concert in Salt Lake City, UT

Estudio #7 Op. 60 by Matteo Carcassi

Austin with his wife Kassie performing at a Flamenco del Lago concert in Salt Lake City. Armando’s Rhumba and buleria


In Style of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Doyle Dykes, etc.

Final song in a performance by Austin Weyand and Mike Iverson at the IAMA (Inter-Mountain Acoustic Music Association) in Salt Lake City Utah. "Mason Meets Doyle" is a medley of "Twin 6 Shooters" (Doyle Dykes) and "Classical Gas" (Mason Williams) with a flamenco intro.

Sharing a story about my brother, one of his favorite bands, and a Christmas present. "The Clap" by Steve Howe. Performed in Salt Lake City, UT

On the beach in Newport Oregon playing a nice Tommy Emmanuel tune accompanied by the ocean.

Austin Weyand performing his arrangement of "Concerning Hobbits" from "Lord of the Rings" on a dreadnought guitar built by Ryan Thorell. This was filmed at Ryan's shop in Logan Utah

"The Clap" by Steve Howe

Austin Weyand with Kassie Weyand and Kelin Gibbons on Park City TV. Performance of a few Austin originals (House of Chuckles, Kassie's Wisdom, and Kiki's Smile) as well as an interview with Terry Burden.

Final Jam on "The Claw" by Jerry Reed. Heritage Arts Festival Brigham City UT.


Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Composers

Austin Weyand at CUAC Gallery in Salt Lake City UT performing "Antonella's Birthday" by Tommy Emmanuel.

Austin Weyand and band performing "Sunburst" by Andrew York. Colin Botts mandolin, Nick Miner drums, Nick Manning bass

Austin Weyand in concert performing “Drifting” by Andy Mckee

Austin Weyand performs "Ritual Dance by Michael Hedges with fellow musicians Keith Sorensen (percussion) and Bill Hepworth (bass)

Austin and Kassie Weyand performing "Blue Bear" by Don Ross at a Utah State Instrument Championship Concert in Salt Lake City.

The Austin Weyand Acoustic Band performs "Tight Trite Night" by Don Ross at WhySound Studios in Logan Utah.

Austin Weyand acoustic Band

Austin Weyand Acoustic Band-- Fingerstyle Guitarist demo video. Steel and Nylon String Guitars.

The Austin Weyand Acoustic Band performing "Your Song" by Elton John arranged by David Buckingham

"The Austin Weyand Acoustic Band" in concert at the "Music in the City Concert Series, Brigham City Utah May 2016. Mike Iverson - banjo, Kelin Gibbons - mandolin, Dirk Dobson - bass, Mike Scarboro - percussion.

The Austin Weyand Acoustic Band adding some rock to the traditional tune "Drowsy Maggie."


2 sets. One showcasing more of nylon string guitar playing (flamenco, classical, latin jazz) and the other more blues and bluegrass feel a la Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, and Leo Kottke.

The Austin Weyand Acoustic Band with Jamie Bartschi, Jim Schaub, and Jason Nicholson performing "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" by Duke Ellington


The Old Days!

"You Really Got Me," "Johnny B. Goode," "Austin Guitar Solo," "Wild Thing" (Idaho) Video taken at a party in Greensburg Pennsylvania in 1989. Austin Weyand's first garage band "Bad Music!"