Austin Weyand - Guitarist, Composer, Educator

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WORKSHOPS & Freelance



Austin is an experienced guitarist, performer, composer, and educator and holds a masters degree in music.  He is an Adjunct Professor of guitar at Utah State University in Logan Utah and is equipped to do workshops covering a wide range of topics.  Some of these include:


  • Guitar Fundamentals for Beginners
  • Guitar Fundamentals for Beginners II
  • Rhythm and Harmony Fundamentals for Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Transcription and Song Writing
  • Improvisation
  • Beginning to Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques
  • Jazz Guitar/Bass Skills
  • Rock and Blues Guitar Skills
  • Classical and Flamenco Guitar Skills
  • Bluegrass and Celtic Guitar Skills
  • Making a Living as a Professional Musician/Guitarist


Austin does various freelance guitar work.  He is available for studio recording sessions or to perform with various bands, musicians, and productions.  He has professional experience in many styles including Classical, Flamenco, Celtic, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Folk.