Guitar Lessons


Beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitar lessons

Austin helps students with a wide range of music topics and styles based on their interests and goals:

Popular Music
Rock and Blues
Bluegrass and Celtic
Learning by Ear
Song Writing
Music Theory

Austin Weyand offers guitar instruction to BEGINNING, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED level students of all ages and has been teaching for 30 years.  He relies on a wide variety of teaching methods and experiences to help students. Along with his private studio he has also taught beginning to advanced group lessons in communities, public schools, online, and at the collegiate level. He is currently an adjunct professor of guitar at Utah State University in Logan, UT.

Austin earned a bachelors degree in guitar from Utah State University studying with Michael Christiansen and a masters degree in guitar from Northern Illinois University studying with Fareed Haque. He was a graduate assistant at Northern Illinois University where he taught advanced guitar classes and coached ensembles for 2 years.  He has also taught beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar at Utah State University, both private and group.  For several years Austin also taught at the Blue Sky Music Camp at Westminster College.  He has also taught at the Music Theater and Arts (MAT) camp in Evanston WY.  Austin has been a guest clinician in public schools and has been a guitar instructor for Harmony Educational Services.

Austin's Experience with Guitar Styles - Along with beginning guitar skills, students often come to lessons with specific style choices in mind. Austin's experience with various styles gives him "real world" perspective, insight, and knowledge to help students with their goals. Some of Austin's experience with different styles include:

Fingerstyle Guitar:
-Recorded 2 solo albums of own compositions and arrangements. 
-Winner of State of Wyoming Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in 2008, 2014, and 2018
-Winner of State of Utah Fingerstyle Guitar Competition 2012
-Performances of repertoire by Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Leo Kottke, Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes, Andy McKee, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Andrew York, etc. as well as arrangements of popular music (including Austin's arrangements and others).
-Performances of repertoire that includes baroque, classical, romantic, and modern works
-Performances of guitar concertos with college, high school, and community orchestras.
-Masterclasses or lessons with various artists including: David Russell, Benjamin Verdery, Manuel Barrueco, David Tanenbaum, David Leisner, Denis Azabagic, etc.
-Attendance and participation in various classical guitar festivals including, Guitar Foundation of America, Northwest guitar Festival, Utah Classical Guitar Festival.
-Performing guitarist in 2 month run of the U.S. Premiere of “Zorro the Musical” at the Hale Centre Theater.
-Multiple performances in "Man of La Mancha" with the Utah Opera
-Performances of repertoire by Paco Pena, Juan Serrano, Vicente Amigo, Gipsy Kings, etc..
-Masterclasses or lessons with artists Grisha Goryachev, Antonio Andrade Duo, Ruben Diaz, David Buckingham
-4 year stint as guitarist for "Troubadour 77" with Nashville award winning singer-songwriters Monty Powell and Anna Wilson. Performed nationally, including at the 2017 BottleRock Napa Valley festival that featured Tom Petty, Maroon 5, and the Foo Fighters.
-Cover Bands - Corporate, Weddings, Concerts. Performances on KSL television, Hale Centre Theatre, and throughout the IntermountainWest.
-Performances with jazz combos, big bands, jam sessions, accompanying jazz singers in a duo setting.
-Performances of Blues, Rhythm Changes, Standards
-Arranging for ensembles and solo guitar
-Performances at festivals on a college tour in France and Spain
-Various performances with fiddle, mandolin, and banjo players in the U.S. Intermountain Region.·        ·           
Freelance studio musician - Have recorded guitar tracks for various CD, video, radio and television projects including "Troubadour 77" KSL Television, and Thorell Guitars.

Additional Information

In addition to learning basic guitar which involves chords, strumming and finger picking patterns, simple songs, and reading music, YOU MAY ALSO HAVE SOME OF THE FOLLOWING GOALS:

  1. Learning all around basics of guitar playing (reading music, chords, strumming, fingerpicking, simple songs)

  2. Accompaniment skills to back up singing. Play and sing around the campfire!

  3. Song writing. Composing own music.

  4. Learning to play by Ear, Transcription

  5. Play lead/rhythm guitar in a rock or blues band.

  6. Learning Bach and other music from composers of classical music.

  7. Play lead/rhythm guitar in a bluegrass or celtic band.

  8. Learn skills to play for your high school jazz band.

  9. Prepare for auditions for college music departments in either classical or jazz guitar.

  10. Play instrumental fingerstyle arrangements of songs.  Similar to a pianist where melody and harmony are played at the same time. One man/woman band!

Austin is prepared to help students and families who are interested in learning. He teaches children as young as six and adults into their senior years. He believes in following, and expanding the interests and passions of the student while also teaching mastery of music fundamentals.

Austin holds recitals during the year. Participation is encouraged, but voluntary.

What should I bring to my lessons?

To be as productive as possible in our lessons please always bring the following:

  1. Your Guitar

  2. Flat picks (and thumb picks if applicable)

  3. Capo

  4. Electronic Tuner

  5. Guitar manuscript/tab book

  6. Blank Notebook

  7. Binder for handouts.  (After a while you will have a nice resource of materials)

  8. Method Books or other materials/sheet music we are working on

  9. iPod or phone with music that we are working on or will want to work on

  10. Extra set of strings

  11. Trim your fingernails on your left hand (left hand fingernails cause difficulty in playing)

  12. A smile and great attitude

Beginner Materials

Regardless of your interests, if you’re starting as a beginner there are certain fundamentals I will cover with you to set a solid foundation for your journey with the instrument.  These include basic concepts of rhythm, harmony, and melody.  You will learn all basic strum patterns, finger picking patterns, chords, chord progressions, scales, note and tablature reading.  I will take most beginners through my All Things Guitar Method Book to develop these skills.  I will also give you handouts or email pdfs for many concepts. There are other books/materials I may ask you to purchase.  Let’s talk to decide what materials will be best for you.


Austin is available to teach and mentor anywhere in the world through Facetime or Skype.  He shows students concepts in person through video-link and then shares written material to students as a PDF when applicable.  Musical examples can also be shared as mp3s for the student to continue learning after lessons are finished. Contact Austin to discuss what topics you’re interested in covering.


For regular scheduled instruction, in person lessons usually consist of four private lessons (1/2 hour or hour) per month.  There will be an occasional Master Class scheduled (usually before a recital) that will count for the lesson that week.  Lessons are scheduled by the month. Advance payment reserves the day and time of your lessons.

One month’s payment is due upon scheduling (prorated if starting mid-month). Payment is non-refundable. Payment for lessons is due by the last day of each month to guarantee your lesson time for the next month’s schedule. No refunds, make-ups, or credit will be issued for missed or discontinued lessons after they are scheduled.

Payment is the same from month to month regardless of missed lessons, sick days, or vacations. You will not be charged however, for certain national holidays.  These include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Makeups are not guaranteed and generally unavailable.  They are available for dangerous weather and family emergencies.  

In months June-August you do have the option to use two vacation days without being charged or losing your lesson time. These vacation days must be scheduled at the time of payment. Unscheduled missed lessons may not count for vacation days.

Because Austin also performs for private events and concerts, he will occasionally have to cancel lessons for these performances. Canceled lessons will either be rescheduled or you will be given a credit for the next month.

For payments, students may pay by cash, check, or online.  Google Pay, Venmo, or Paypal are all fine for online payments.  




*8 week session
(or $55 a month)

*Purchase of Austin's Method book also required ($15)

       Austin’s Group classes are taught at Aspire Performance Academy, 1149 South 450 West Ste# 103, Brigham City, UT

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AGES 7-10

Beginning Guitar
(NEW students)

3:30-4:15 pm

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AGES 7-10

Beginning Guitar
(Returning students)

4:30-5:15 pm

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AGES 11-15

Group Guitar

5:30-6:15 pm

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Austin teaches excellent beginning group guitar classes for various ages in Brigham City, Utah.   In class you will learn important fundamentals of music and guitar that will lead to a lifetime of fulfillment and enjoyment with the instrument.

Austin keeps class fun with popular and other music styles as examples and exercises.  He takes students through his method book "All things Guitar" with added play-along tracks and rhythm instruments to keep things engaging and enjoyable.  Some of the fundamentals covered in class include:

  • Technique (right and left hand position, sitting position, tension release, etc,)

  • Strum patterns (whole, half, quarter, dotted quarter, dotted half, and eighth notes)

  • Simplified chords

  • Level I chords (the most important chords on the guitar)

  • Staff reading (tablature, time signatures, measures, repeat signs, etc.)

  • Standard notation staff/notes in treble clef

  • Basic understanding of intervals by playing melodies on one string

  • Learning melodies by ear

  • Awareness of prevalent guitar styles

  • First position

  • Scales (G7, G major, C major, A natural minor, A harmonic minor)

  • Music Alphabet

  • Alternating picking and strumming

  • Basic understanding/application of fingerstyle technique

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