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Second Fall Session 2023


* Wednesdays November 1st through December 20th

*Will in part be using Austin's Method book "All Things Guitar" (Discounted to $15 for new group class students)

       Austin’s Group classes are taught at Aspire Performance Academy, 1149 South 450 West Ste# 103, Brigham City, UT

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AGES 7-11


November 1st - December 20th
5:30 pm

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AGES 11-15


November 1st - December 20th
4:30 pm

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This class not currently active

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Austin teaches excellent beginning group guitar classes for various ages in Brigham City, Utah.   In class you will learn important fundamentals of music and guitar that will lead to a lifetime of fulfillment and enjoyment with the instrument.

Austin keeps class fun with popular and other music styles as examples and exercises.  He takes students through his method book "All things Guitar" with added play-along tracks and rhythm instruments to keep things engaging and enjoyable.  Some of the fundamentals covered in class include:

  • Technique (right and left hand position, sitting position, tension release, etc,)

  • Strum patterns (whole, half, quarter, dotted quarter, dotted half, and eighth notes)

  • Simplified chords

  • Level I chords (the most important chords on the guitar)

  • Staff reading (tablature, time signatures, measures, repeat signs, etc.)

  • Standard notation staff/notes in treble clef

  • Basic understanding of intervals by playing melodies on one string

  • Learning melodies by ear

  • Awareness of prevalent guitar styles

  • Repertoire of Popular Songs

  • First Position Training and Scales (G7, G major, C major, A natural minor, A harmonic minor)

  • Music Alphabet

  • Alternating picking and strumming

  • Basic understanding/application of fingerstyle technique

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